Set up custom pJCM ERC-Keyed morph

Hi DAZers … With the “Set up custom pJCM ERC-Keyed morph” script you can set up instantly a pJCM or any morph you want for a custom rotation.   Instructions: 1 – Set the figure’s node custom rotation to the desired value (you can have only one rotation active on the figure). 2 – Select … Continue Reading

MD The Orc Village

  MD The Orc Village is the ultimate fantasy village for Orcs, Minotaur, Ogres, Trolls, or even Elves and Humans! The village represents the Wild boar clan. The set includes the village set itself and five different huts, one warchief hut, a throne for the warchief, watchtowers, a large outside torch and a totem as … Continue Reading

MD Airfield and Apron

  This is a FREE item for DAZ Studio. Hi all. I have taken a lot of requests in the DAZ forum channel and in PMs, about the airfield I have used in the MD Glider promos. This airfield and the apron are not big enough to be an independent product, as it has a … Continue Reading

MD Glider

  Welcome to the MD Glider for DAZ Studio. Make a render of the absolute freedom of gliding. The Glider is a vehicle prop for all your figures. It includes a lot of exciting features that will make the setting of the scene extremely easy. First of all, there are basic poses for your Genesis … Continue Reading

Remove Underscore From Properties

When we create an item in DAZ Studio, many often we need to add some new properties.   When we create these properties, we usually name each property using underscore (_) for the words’ separation. Pressing tab, the name of each property also passes to the Label field. After a while we end up having … Continue Reading

Bones Alignment

This the V2.0 of the script that aligns the Origin or the End Point of a bone to the Xmax, Xmin, XCenter (the same for all other axis), or the center of the node. If you have any selected faces(edges/vertices in V 2.0) from the Geometry Editor tool, it will calculate the Y, Y, Z … Continue Reading

Traditional Train Station

  The product is a recreation of a traditional train stations found in south Mediterranean (this is a Greek station). It is a colorful set offering many locations for your figures’ renders, inside and outside of the station building. The dimensions of the station are around 12m in height, 7m width and 5m height. The … Continue Reading

MD Bench Prop and Poses for Genesis 8

  The product includes a bench with 4 material presets for Iray and 20 poses with 20 mirrors for the Genesis 8 Male(s) and the same amount for the Female(s). The same poses are given as partial for the upper (20 normal and another 20 mirror poses) and the lower body (20 normal and another … Continue Reading

MD Briefcase for Genesis 8

  Finally, the perfect attache for your character — MD Briefcase for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s) is a leather briefcase that opens to a full interior, with additional movements, poses, and vintage and classic material options! Perfect for your business character, office scene, or hard-working character everywhere. Merry Christmas from MikeD!

Wireframe Render for Iray

  Many times, we need to render some items in a wireframed look. The ‘Wireframe Render for Iray’ script builds the UV templates (in base resolution) of an item (or more, if you have many items selected in the scene) and plugs them into the item’s surfaces, projecting the wireframe. You may choose to project … Continue Reading

Map Master Pro

  Do you use your own maps in DAZ Studio? This is the perfect tool for you, if you make your own maps manually, or if you use any texture software, like Substance Painter and you want an easy and fast way to plug these maps into the materials slots. It works with default shaders, … Continue Reading

Rhodes Summer Outfit Addon Textures

  There are eight new different material presets in the Set in Iray. The dress presets include now patterns full of shapes and colors, in many new fabric types. I hope you enjoy the dForce Rhodes Summer set addon Textures for Genesis 8 Females. Have fun!

Rhodes dForce Summer Set Outfit

  There are three different items in the Set. A linen dress, a necklace and a pair of high heeled Shoes. There are wearable presets for all items and for any set of them. The material presets include 9 different summer colors for each one of the items in Iray. The dress has four monochrome … Continue Reading

Climb High Bundle

  The Climb High Bundle includes everything you need for any climbing scene and not only. The package contains: Climbing Accessories that includes a harness and a helmet for Genesis 3 and 8 Male(s) and Female(s), dForce ropes, dForce Quickdraw straps, walnuts, Friends, belay and break devices and many scripts for easy setup of the … Continue Reading

Granite Climbing Rock

  The Granite Rock contains a climbing rock in semi cylindrical shape and the valley beneath it. The dimensions of the rock are around 75m in height and the diameter is around 50m. The rock comes as a single item or you can use any of its 15 faces as a standalone item. The valley … Continue Reading

Climbing Poses

  There are twenty-five (25) full body poses and six (6) partial poses in the Climb High Poses for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females and Males with mirrors. In total there are 248 poses. The twenty-five full poses include 21 climbing poses, 2 falling poses and 2 rappel (descending) poses. The partial poses include … Continue Reading

Climbing and Athletic Outfit

  There are three different items in the Climbing and Athletic Outfit for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females. Leggings, a Top and a pair of Shoes. There are wearable presets for all items and for a set of them. The material presets include a monochrome version for the leggings and the top, so you … Continue Reading

dForce Climb High Accessories

  There are twenty four different items in the Climb High Accessories collection, a wearable Harness and a wearable Helmet for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Males and Females, a Belay device, a Break device, a Circular Safety Rope, a Carabiner, a Climbing Friend (Cam), Climbing Walnuts, Descending Ropes (5 different ropes according to their … Continue Reading