In this section you will find some tutorials for content creation for DAZ Studio. I haven ‘t a big experience as a PA but I would like to show you anything that can simplify and accelerate your work. There will be article description, video tutorials, or both of them according to my free time.

A study in DAZ’s lights and distance for Iray (2020 – 2021)

How the distance from target object affects the light’s behavior in Iray? This article is written based on the need to test the behavior of the DAZ lights (Iray mode) for the creation of “Orbital lights” plug in. It is based on personal measures and it does not contain any official DAZ or Nvidia algorithms … Continue Reading

Make symmetrical JCMs for DAZ Studio using ZBrush

In this tutorial I am gonna show you how to make symmetrical pJCMs for DAZ Studio, using ZBrush. The idea wasn’t mine. I follow a workflow as Zev0 described it here in DAZ forums. I made some alterations as it makes it a little easier for me that way. Lets say that you have a … Continue Reading