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Update! The script will be updated after the release of a solid version of DS 5!

The new Version 4.1 is now available!

This is the script I have made and use for making the FBMs and JCMs (also FHMs and PBMs in V2) for DAZ studio (initially made for wearable props). Watch the presentation – tutorial bellow to see how to use it. The script (V2.0) is tested in many products (many thanks to Esha for the testing and the feedback) but of course I will appreciate if you send me any feedback or any bugs found, in Discord, by e-mail or in the DAZ PAs forum.
The version 3.0 is now supporting batch import morphs with attenuation, like Josh has shown in “” December 13, 2018 the first part 03:00- 38:00, making the heavy FBM. It is also not request a confirmation for each morph importing and the scale of the morph can now be set in the main panel.

The script is a gift as it is now… You may suggest any new features you want, but I am not promising anything (very little spare time)…

Download the zip file and unzip it to one of your mapped content folders. The zip contains 9 scripts (one main and eight auxiliaries), their icons, the “jcm_List.cfg” file for the supported JCMs, the “FBM New.dsx” file containing the Morph Loader Pro settings for the FBMs and the “pJCM.dsx” file containing the Morph Loader Pro settings for the JCMs. Running the main script, 3 additional files “.cfg” files will be created with information about the memorized FBMs, JCMs and the settings for the script. You need all the .dsx files, included in the zip file in order to run the main script without errors. The new v3.0 version is compatible with the previews one. This means that you can copy your old .cfg files in the new location, if you wanna keep the old configuration.

new in version 2.0

-FHMs supported

-Transfer your favorites from the figure to the memorized files, with the scripts starting with “2_…”. Of course this can not be done for pJCMs

– Show the current morph that is active on the figure with the “5-Current Morph” script. The script search for morphs in the next order: 1)pJCM, 2) FBM, 3)PBM, 4)FHM. If no pJCM is found then it search for FBM etc… You can copy the NAME or the LABEL of the current morph.

– A scroll list is added to the Morphs panel, as FBMs are too many and the script’s window was out of screen. You can roll in the scroll panel with the mouse wheel.

– A check box, labeled “Restore Figure at start”, is added in the Config panel (Under the “Clear Memorized Morphs” button). It is checked by default. You can uncheck it if you don’t want the script to reset the figure at the beginning of the “Making” and “Applying” morphs procedure. Extremely helpful if you make any shoes morph and you want the foot to remain at a specific pose all the time you make the morphs. Have the tick unchecked in the ‘Applying the morphs procedure too, and remember to have the same pose active, so the ‘reverse transformations can work properly.

new in version 3.0
– Genesis 8.1 Supported
– Import Morphs Preferences:
– Scale
– Show / Not showing Import Dialog
– Attenuate Import Morphs (by Influence Map of a D-Form Modifier)

– Additional Features:
– Import and Create Morphs with extension
– Option to send symmetrical JCMs together to the modeler
– Option to exclude the morphs from the “Making” list, if they exist in the morphs’ folder.

– Show all the fired morphs that are active on the figure with the “5-Current Morph” script. You can choose the morph’s Name (or Label) that will be copied to the clipboard.

Watch the next video (I am very very sorry for the linguistic mistakes. I saw the video and I would like to rewrite it, due to the grammar and syntax errors but I haven’t the time now. Maybe in a later version – I still owe a new video version).

Watch a video tutorial:

The script is given as a gift to the DAZ fellow PAs to make your work faster and more efficient (it has some ‘goodies’ for easy testing!!!). It is for personal use only and is NOT allowed to sell it as a whole or any part of it. The script is meant to be used by the DAZ’s PAs and employees. Do not distributed it to any other person. The link of this page will be given to the PAs channel in Discord and in PAs Forums (not in the public forums) in a later time, after some testing.

For the creation of the script some partial code is used from the DAZ’s sample scripts:
Silent OBJ Export:
Action Trigger:

Ver. 3.0
You can see how to use the attenuation setting and how to import morph with extensions in the next videos from the “Making FBMs Tutorials” :

Happy creations…


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