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As the computers invaded in our lives, photography took advantage of this! New post software and 3D-Creations. Images that are completely contracted by PCs. They are known as CGI (Computer Generated Images). The new 3D programs use the artificial light just as the photo-camera uses the natural light (sun or lamp-flash). So it was a challenge for me to use some of these programs. I used them a lot for my work too. As a biochemist I would like to make some 3D videos, explaining some difficult biology and chemistry subjects to my students.
My knowledge of photography helped a lot for the setting of my 3D scenes, the poses, the lights and the final post production. But, I didn’t stop there! My interest for the visual effects and arts guided me to learn more about 3D creation. I started to watch webinars, tutorials and of course a lot of reading for knowing how to make my own 3D objects. I recently have become a PA (Published Artist) in DAZ 3D! You can find my products in the MikeD link to the top and bottom of the page!

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In these renders I have used LuxRender (Reality plugin) and Iray in DAZ 3D!

Here you can find a collection with 3D images I have used as my products promos and for some commercial projects.

Here you can find a collection with fun 3D images. These are renders I have made through my free time.

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