Landscape Photos

Here are some nice collections of my Landscape images, free for use (at the current resolution)! Landscape was the most favorite theme of the photographers, from the very early stages of Photography. Today it remains the favorite theme of new photographers. It is easy to shoot, but there are many details to look after! In our days the Landscapes images are rigidly judged because of the plenty of time the photographer has to organize them!

The HDR technique took off the specific subject of photography! In this section you will find normal and HDR photos. I personally like a small amount of color over saturation in my landscape images and when I have the time, I like to shoot a set of different exposure images of the same subject, so the most of my photos are HDR. I try to keep low the over saturation, so the images not be over colored, when it is possible! Of course this is a matter of personal taste!

The next collections of photos are from Greece, Italy, Germany and UK, at the moment!




Landscape, Parthenonas, Greece, Συλλογές Τοπίου Landscape Landscapes




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