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  • MD Inked Skin


    The Inked Skin for Genesis 9 includes 26 monochrome tattoos in rock – tribal style. You can also find 12 presets with multiple combinations of the tattoos for quick application. The base drawings for the arms, the figure’s side and the back have been created by tattoo artist, the fill-ins using brushes for zbrush and the backgrounds using Ron’s brushes. There are two ways to apply the tattoos. The first way is using the included tattoo geoshell and the LIEs for the geoshell. The second way is using the LIEs for Genesis 9 directly to your selected figure. In the product you can find a script to adjust the color…

  • The “Autosave suite” is a long missing element from Daz Studio, enriched with many other features to make it handier than a simple save action. [mdtabs id='1']     Beware: The plugin needs activation after installation. You can find the serial number when you log in into DAZ page, under your Account/Serial Numbers. Copy the serial number and paste it into DAZ Studio in the popup dialog under the menu Help/About Installed Plugins.   You can see the Autosave suite in action in the next video:

  • Introducing the “Multi-Angles Render” script for DAZ 3D: a practical tool for artists and creators who want to streamline their rendering process. Developed by Mike D, a contributor of numerous scripts to the DAZ 3D store, this script is all about efficiency and precision. It automatically rotates any selected figure through specified angles on the Y-axis, conducts renders, and saves them directly, all without user interaction. This product is not just a time-saving utility; it's also an educational experience. It includes a detailed video tutorial that walks you through how the script was built, line by line. Whether you're rendering simple scenes or complex promotional materials, this script can handle…