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(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Making outfit’s FBMs, FHMs and PBMs)
(Difficulty: Easy, PAs, Content Creators)

Are you a content creator and you are making any kind of outfits? Did you ever take a piece of outfit back for correction, from the QA, because you had forgotten to support a figure (FBM, FHM or PBM)? Do you still use pen and paper for keep tracking which figures you are about to support for an outfit? Then this free script is just for you.

Download the .zip file and unzip it into your DAZ library, choosing an appropriate folder!
Load a Genesis figure in the scene, select it and execute the script! The script supports Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males and Females. DAZ Studio version or newer!



This script is reading your DAZ’s FBM and PBM morphs from your library for the selected figure. This mean that you must own the morph in order to see it in the list of the script!!!

With “Supported FBMs and PBMs” free script you can:

  • Make the list for the supported figures with some clicks
  • Have a visual presentation of the figure, by hovering the mouse over its name
  • Include custom figures (not only DAZ’s) that start with a vendor tag
  • List of all DAZ’s and the PBMs for: “Arms”, “Back”, “Chest”, “Feet”, “Hands”, “Head”, “Hip”, “Legs”, “Waist”
  • Mark your FBM, PBM or FHM list as favorite morph to the selected in the scene Genesis figure
  • Make a FBM, FHM or PBM list in the script from the favorite morphs of the selected Genesis figure
  • Clear the favorites of the selected Genesis figure
  • Clear the FBM or the PBM lists from the configuration file
  • Save the list of the FMB, the PBM or all of them at once

See the next short tutorial about this script:



I hope this script will help you in your creations …. Have fun


– Mike

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