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DAZ SKU: 64247
Compatible Figures: Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Male, Genesis 8.1 Female
Required Products: N/A
Compatible Software: 4.22
Release Date: October 20, 2019


There are twenty four different items in the Climb High Accessories collection, a wearable Harness and a wearable Helmet for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Males and Females, a Belay device, a Break device, a Circular Safety Rope, a Carabiner, a Climbing Friend (Cam), Climbing Walnuts, Descending Ropes (5 different ropes according to their length and their high or low poly mesh), a Safety Bolt, Leader’s Ropes (5 different ropes according to their length and their high or low poly mesh), a Magnesium (Chalk) Pouch, a Quickdraw (in two lengths) a Quickdraw Strap and a Rope Helper. The list doesn’t stop here. There are 13 wearable presets for the Females and 13 wearable Presets for the men, that combine these items as ready sets for the harnesses.

All ropes and Quickdraw straps are dForce. Although dForce is not a physics engine special structures and included simulation settings will give you the best results in the dForce simulation. In addition, 6 special scripts will help you wrap the ropes around the belay device and the brake, pass them through the carabiners and prepare the Quickdraw straps for the simulation. The safety bolts also execute some background scripts that allow you to place your figures or the Carabiners to the bolts with just a right click on them. Another script will help you change at once the color and the wear level of all carabiners and the material of all Quickdraw straps in the scene. You can change the color of the belay device and the carabiners by picking the color of your choice from the ‘Base Color’ property, giving you the opportunity to use limitless combinations of colors, in this colorful world of climbing. The helmets have some projection morphs to minimize the poke through the hair. The result is depending on the volume and the type of hair.

You can use the accessories to any rock-climbing scene, descending (rappel) from a building, a bridge or even a helicopter, or whatever your imagination could create. You don’t know how to use climbing equipment? This is not a problem. A five pages guide is included (not so many pages for reading as there are a lot of images) to show you the basics of climbing and how to easily set up a scene (climbing or descending), in order to achieve as much realistic results as possible. The guide is in pdf format and a script in the content library will open it for you.

You can’t climb without get dirty. Layered Image Presets let you use 3 levels of dirt for your figure and a Layered Image Preset for the Magnesium (chalk). If you don’t like the result you can remove the dirt and the chalk with a script without having to reload your figures materials.

Exclusively in DAZ 3D.

I hope you enjoy the climbing accessories product. Have fun!


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You can find my products exclusively in DAZ-3D in my store page MikeD