The Macro collection of my site

They are all around us, but they are small. Sometimes we pass next to them without even notice them. Things that we never pay attention! Sometimes they are bigger, like a flower, but we never stay to observe the small details! The colors, the shape, even the cells. All these things cover in Macro photography! Here you will find free photos from the Macro-section of my site! Drops of water, insects, flowers are just a small sample of my collection.

Rights of use

All photos in this section, are under Common Creativity (CC) license. This means that you can download them and use them, free of charge, in the specific resolution! Each photo has different rights of use, so it will be good to check the CC type of licence of each individual image, at the bottom of its page!
For all the free images that you use, from my site:

  • you should credit the creator (MikeDedes)
  • provide the title and host URL of the work (
  • indicate the type of CC license it takes (along with a link for others to follow)
  • keep any copyright notices intact.

Check the different CC type of license, for each photo, in the bottom of its own page!!!

Here, you can find a short description of the CC types of Licenses.
License Creative Commons
This work is granted with License Creative Commons Attribution to the Originator-No Derivs 4.0 International .