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DAZ SKU: 69739
Compatible Figures: N/A
Required Products: N/A
Compatible Software: 4.15
Release Date: May 15, 2020


MD The Orc Village is the ultimate fantasy village for Orcs, Minotaur, Ogres, Trolls, or even Elves and Humans!

The village represents the Wild boar clan. The set includes the village set itself and five different huts, one war-chief hut, a throne for the war-chief, watchtowers, a large outside torch and a totem as separate sets. The village lays in a valley of approximately 150m (x) 150m.

As though designed by humanoid fantasy characters, the structures are made of clay, wood, fabric and rope mainly, and all sets are modular so you can use any component you want or delete the ones you don’t want in your scene.

Even though the whole village has some millions of polygons the extensive use of instances makes the village set extremely light for your renders (500.000 polygons for the whole set).

Have fun with The Orc Village!


For all the sets, only one copy of each basic raw material is a loaded prop and instances of this prop are used for the rest of the scene.

In this way the payload is minimum for your PC. A script is responsible for controlling the intensity of all the flames at once on the torches, and even turning them on/off.

Another script controls the visibility (only for the viewport) of the bushes in the village, so you can hide them to navigate easily in the scene, having a lot less nodes visible, or show them again to make the final adjustments.


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You can find my products exclusively in DAZ-3D in my store page MikeD