Camera-Lights-Tone Mapping Bundle

The Camera – Lights – Tone Mapping – Action Bundle includes the products Auto Focus Suite, Camera Console Suite, and Tone Mapping Console Suite. The products contain scripts that were originally created to add interaction with 3DConnexion SpaceMouse® Enterprise edition device, Elgato Stream Deck classic (15 keys) device, and Elgato Stream Deck Plus device, but … Continue Reading

Lights Console Suite

Lights Console Suite includes 39 scripts that add functionality to any Elgato Stream Deck device or any other console you own with programmable keys. You can also use the suite as standalone applications even without any of the above devices to organize the lights main functions into a toolbar for easy access. For the best … Continue Reading

MD Photographer’s Lights kit Bundle

Take advantage of this bundle and make yours the “Histogram plugin”, the “Orbital Lights plugin” and the “Portrait – Basic Lights Auto Set up script” at a unique offer. Buying this bundle, you will pay less than the two main plugins total price (“Histogram plugin” and “Orbital Lights plugin”) and you will practically take the … Continue Reading

MD Portrait Basic Lights Auto Setup

The “Portrait – Basic Lights Auto Set up” script uses all the best features of the “Histogram” plug in and the “Orbital Lights” plug in, to set up the lights, for any portrait of Genesis in Iray of Filament modes. The script will set up 3 lights rig, (key light, fill light and rim light) … Continue Reading

MD Orbital Lights

The Orbital Lights plug-in will add a new pane in DAZ Studio that will allow you to move any node that has a ‘Point at’ item, around this item, with the use of a horizontal angle slider, a vertical angle slider and a distance slider, without the need to manually adjust the x, y, z … Continue Reading

A study in DAZ’s lights and distance for Iray (2020 – 2021)

How the distance from target object affects the light’s behavior in Iray? This article is written based on the need to test the behavior of the DAZ lights (Iray mode) for the creation of “Orbital lights” plug in. It is based on personal measures and it does not contain any official DAZ or Nvidia algorithms … Continue Reading