MD Wet Skin

The Wet Skin for Genesis 9 is a script – geoshell based product for the Iray PBR Skin shader of Genesis 9. Using the script, you can adjust the reflection, the glossiness of your figure, and load the wet skin geoshell. You can use the product to mimic the effect of water, oil, milk, sweat, … Continue Reading

MD Blood ‘n Dirt

Do your action renders lack realism? Do your warriors seem brand new and shiny and something is missing from the scene? Add blood and dirt layers to your action characters to give them life. MD Blood ‘n Dirt for Genesis 9 comes with 5 blood and dirt geoshells, 5 corresponding materials, and 50 masks (5 … Continue Reading

MDBD Blood ‘n Dirt Bundle

Get your renders out of the brand-new and shiny look of the plastic model and introduce them to a higher level of realism. The MDBD Blood ‘n Dirt Bundle includes a Blood n’ Dirt product for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males, one for Females, and a script that is functioning as a geoshell manager as well, … Continue Reading

MDBD Blood ‘n Dirt – Geoshell Manager

Welcome to the MDBD Blood ‘n Dirt – Geoshell Manager by MikeD! The original idea for this script was to function as a helper in the Blood n’ Dirt product series to apply Blood ‘n Dirt shaders to any item other than Genesis figures, like props and clothes, creating geoshells with just a few clicks. … Continue Reading