Timelapse Gallery

Welcome to my Timelapse section! Timelapse is a very special photographic teqnique, in which the camera stays on a tripod for a set of images on the same subject, for a period of time. It shoots every few seconds until we reach a large number of pictures. When these pictures put together, one after another, a video is created. A video has 25-30 images per second. This means that in this video the whole sequence of images are shown in few seconds. So, if we spend an hour or two to take the summary of images, they are shown in some seconds of video, like a fast forward of real life.

This teqnique is very usefull for shooting a flower’s growth, the clouds as they move into the sky, the melting of an ice cube and generaly for phenomena that need time to complete. For this reason timelapse is used a lot in science, to record visually long time experiments!

The next timelapses are samples from different projects and visits!

Minister Abbey in London from Mike Dedes on Vimeo.

Athens Acropolis Greece Timelaps from Mike Dedes on Vimeo.

Tower Bridge in London from Mike Dedes on Vimeo.

Acropolis From Filopappou from Mike Dedes on Vimeo.

Τήξη πάγου (Ice melting) from Mike Dedes on Vimeo.

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