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DAZ SKU: 65257
Compatible Figures: N/A
Required Products: N/A
Compatible Software: DAZ studio 4.12


Many times, we need to render some items in a wireframed look. The ‘Wireframe Render for Iray’ script builds the UV templates (in base resolution) of an item (or more, if you have many items selected in the scene) and plugs them into the item’s surfaces, projecting the wireframe. You may choose to project the wireframe maps over the existing textures, over a clay shader, or as transparency. The script can also make these maps transmit light (emissive). It can also save some material presets for the new wireframed look of the item, so you don’t have to recreate the maps again (time consuming operation). DAZ script is not the perfect tool to draw new maps and the whole process needs some time to complete (from some minutes for a single low polygon item until many hours for some high polygon multi-selected items, in high resolution maps). The script can track any previous wireframed maps that are used on the item(s), so you can project them over a clay shader, or use them to build a wireframe transparent look, without the need to rebuild these maps again. This product is not a wireframe shader. The script finds the actual wireframes (UV Templates) of each item and use these UV Templates as maps.

(Most promos are mix of renders for all three modes – Wireframe over Texture – Wireframe over Clay shader – Wireframe Transparent)


Watch an animation that make use of the Wireframe Render for Iray script (turn on the volume)