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Daz SKU: 92394
Compatible Figures:
Required Products: N/A
Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.22
Release Date: October 8, 2023

Are you a DAZ Studio artist or content creator? Do you often find yourself wondering about the capabilities that lie beneath the interface of your favorite 3D software? Whether you’re a published artist seeking efficiency or the ability to make new types of products, or just curious about the ‘magic’ behind the scenes, this video tutorial set was designed specifically for you!

This video course is about empowering you to take full control of DAZ Studio, optimize your workflow by automating repetitive tasks, and tap into the unseen potentials of the DAZ Studio platform using scripting.

Here’s why this course can help get you scripting:

Foundational and Advanced Knowledge: Whether you’ve always wanted to delve deeper into DAZ Studio’s mechanics, desire specific control over characters or scenes, or you’re just caught up in a maze of repetitive tasks; this course has got you covered. Dream of being a PA or crafting script products? This will provide a great knowledge foundation for that goal!

A Clear Roadmap: The thought of scripting can be daunting, especially if you’ve never dabbled in it or any other programming language. But worry not! This course starts from the absolute basics, ensuring you’re never left overwhelmed or lost. Mike D is here to illuminate the path, step by step. He takes you through building four different scripts and most essentially teaches you how to traverse and manipulate any given set of nodes in a scene.

Unrivaled Expertise: Learn from the best in the business! Mike D, your course instructor, boasts 6 years of scripting experience. Having crafted hundreds of successful scripts for DAZ Studio, his solutions have been game-changers for countless artists and PAs. Mike’s unique insights and practical know-how ensure that you’re learning from a seasoned expert.

Dive in and revolutionise the way you see and use DAZ Studio!

Total running time : 6 hours and 28 minutes

Video format : MP4 video files with HD 1920 x 1080. Searchable version included with subtitles.

Scripts Included

Product Includes Scripts Built in the course and includes a super useful “Widgets Demonstration for Dialogs” script, having UI control examples and an initializing code for each widget, including a link to the DAZ documentation for each control.

Part 1 : Foundation – A First Look

  • – Advantages and Disadvantages of Scripting
  • – What is DAZ Scripting?
  • – Which application to work with (DAZ Scripting IDE)
  • – Object Oriented hierarchy
  • – Building an example “Partially lock a figure’s hierarchy for posing”
  • – Variables
  • – DAZ Objects documentation
    • Constructors
    • Properties
    • Methods
    • Signals
  • – Using DAZ objects syntax
  • – Global Objects
  • – Comments in script code
  • – Arrays How to a dd more elements.
  • – Accessing an array’s elements
  • – Loops – Documentation
  • – The “for” loop
  • – Functions
    • Arguments
    • Returned object
  • – Breaking the script Debugging and messaging
    • Debug, Print and Message
  • – Conditional forms
    • The if statement
  • – Create a second script Altering the above example to “Unlock a figure’s hierarchy”
  • – Using Object hierarchy
    • Using the skeleton of a bone

Part 2 : Going deeper

  • – Modifying the lock/unlock script to “Lock everything else but the selected node’s
  • children:
    • Loop in loop (nested loops)
    • Array’s functions-Focus on “Filter” an array
  • – Making a script to make visible/invisible every scene light but the selected current light’s influence on the scene.
  • – Use the scene object
  • – Check if the current node is a light using inheritance
  • – Using functions
  • – Using the “Data Item”
    • A deeper look at “Simple Element Data”
    • Using settings: Set some values and Get a specific value
  • – Using the Element’s ID as a unique identifier
  • – Take only the “root” node for each item in the scene having a “shape”
    • Using the DzObject and the DzShape
  • – Take the materials (surfaces) of an item
  • – Use a material property
    • Find the property
    • Get the property’s value
    • Set the property’s value
  • – Use the Color object

Part 3: Building a User Interface

  • – User Interface Dialogs
  • – Building a script to show a color’s hex name and vice versa
  • – Using a DAZ Sample
  • – Basic Dialog
  • – DAZ Objects used in dialogs – widgets
  • – Adding some elements to the dialog
    • Horizontal and Vertical Groups
    • Line Edit
    • Push Button
    • Color Widget
  • – Slots and Signals How to make our buttons active
    • Code for the line edit s button to show the color
    • Code for the color widget’s button to show the color’s name
  • – Accept and Cancel buttons
    • Code the Accept button to copy the color’s name to the clipboard
    • Code the Cancel button to exit the script

Sample video

About Mike D

Mike lives in Greece. He studied Chemistry/Biochemistry at the University of Ioannina. At the same time, he joined the Students Photographic Club of the university. After graduation, he worked as a Chemistry and Biology teacher at high schools. As time passed by, he realized that the students preferred watching a visual representation of a topic rather than reading about it from an endless text. In order to meet their needs, he started learning about 3D and animation.

It was October of 2016 when he decided to design and program a website containing all the visual work he had done so far. So, www.mikededes.com was born. It contains a lot of photos, timelapses, and 3D projects.

At the same time, after watching a lot of webinars, mostly from Digital Art Live, various tutorials, and reading about advanced 3D techniques, he managed to create his own 3D commercial items. After a few months, he became a PA in DAZ 3DIn the next couple of years, he gradually reduced his teaching hours in order to devote himself to working as a full-time content creator for DAZ 3D. He has released a lot of products ever since.

Now, his main arsenal includes 3D Max, ZBrush, UVLayout Pro, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Marvelous Designer. He likes to create Props, Clothes, and Environments, but mostly Scripts. “There is one or more scripts in almost every one of my products, to maximize the user experience, even if the user doesn’t even know about their existence!”, as he says.

In his spare time, he likes watching movies and playing a good PC game with his girlfriend. Photography remains his hobby today.

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Exclusivelly in Daz 3D

You can find my products in DAZ-3D in my store page MikeD