Nodes’ Notes

Did you ever need some notes for the scene or for some scene’s item and you fill your desk with stick-it papers? Not anymore. With this script, you can save some notes for any of your scene’s items or the scene itself inside Daz Studio. Just select the item you want and execute the script … Continue Reading

Color Information

(Category: General Use) (Difficulty: Easy to use, Common User) This free script will show you information about IBM (format in the JSON files), Hex and RGB values of a selected color in DAZ Studio. Run the script and select the color you want in the color widget or press SHIFT and click on the color … Continue Reading

Daz Studio Lock Camera

(Category: Scene) Here you can find the ‘Lock Camera’ Script for DAZ 3D Studio. There are many times that you have accidentally change the angle of the active camera in a scene, believing that you were on perspective or some other camera view. Lock your camera position and unlock it, with a simple click on … Continue Reading