Landscape Italy

Here are my collections of my Landscape images from Italy, free for use (at the current resolution)! I visited Florence, San Gimignano and Venice for four days total and I couldn’ t stop shooting. The cities are awesome, each one with a unique beauty. The weather was very good, with a strong sun and a sky full of scattered clouds.

Florence is a fantastic city full of monuments at every corner. Status, fountains, museums are all over the place. San Gimignano is a city in a castle. A beautiful place that gave me away a set of very nice photos. Venice is something unique. As we approached the city with a boat, I set the camera to burst mode, as I didn’t have the time to shoot everything. The only thing that I didn’ t like that day was the strong wind and that the city was overcrowded, as it was Easter and it was full of tourists. Italy is a land that I have to visit again, for a complete tour.

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