The Fairytale Book Bundle

A bundle containing the ‘Fairytale Book’ prop, ‘Textures for the Fairytale Book’ and ‘Photo Album for the Fairytale Book’ products. Write your own story with the Fairytale Book, use the included light Text Editor to bake your own text as texture, use the additional textures to give a new appearance to the prop, or use … Continue Reading

The Fairytale Book – Photo Album Addon

Part of the bundle:   Do you have or do you want to buy ‘Fairytale Book’ prop? Then you have your virtual Photo Album with this add on. The ‘Photo Album’ for ‘Fairytale Book’ gives you the possibility to use it as a virtual Photo book for your favorite image presentations. Use it for a … Continue Reading

The Fairytale Book – Additional Textures Addon

The product includes additional Textures for the Fairytale Book. Part of the bundle:

The Fairytale Book

Every good story starts with a fairytale. The Fairytale Book is not just a prop. This is the base to build your own story. The Fairytale Book consists of a Book prop (including the ‘Cover’ and the attached ‘Inner Pages’ to the left and to the right sides), and the ‘Folding Pages’ props which can … Continue Reading