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  • After a long period of reprogramming the site ... we are back ... My site was reconstructed for almost a month (mid August - mid September) and now it is back on line ... The main structure of the site is almost the same, and some new features have been added, like this 'news' section. I will try to update the site frequently as once per week, as long as I have the free time. I have in my mind some tutorials for 3D content and later on (when DAZ Studio 5.0 will be released) I will focus on DS 5. For now I am giving as a welcome back…

  • DAZ Studio: Category: Rigging Level: Easy   Hi all… Today I am going to show you a mini tutorial (most of a tip) about using the transfer utility in DAZ Studio, in order to rig a wearable that is not created in the original Genesis pose.   Let say I want to make some greaves for the Genesis 8 male, but I want the legs to be in the T-pose. I can import a Genesis 8 male into my scene and set the rotation into 6 and -6 for the right and the left thigh side-side parameter, correspondingly. Now my Genesis 8 male has a T-pose for the legs…

  • [modula id="1045"]         Get this table clock as a nice addition for your furniture decoration or even for the top of your fireplace. The clock includes a script in order to set the time in a very convenient way, with the possibility to set your current time with a single button, to the selected or to all table clocks in your scene. Merry Christmas from MikeD

  • [modula id="1007"]   This is a FREE item for DAZ Studio. Hi all. I have taken a lot of requests in the DAZ forum channel and in PMs, about the airfield I have used in the MD Glider promos. This airfield and the apron are not big enough to be an independent product, as it has a couple of planes and some instances of the grass, of the bushes, some reeds and the lights. I am giving you this item as a gift for your aviation promos. Installation: Just unzip the file in your DAZ Library folder. Have fun


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