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  • Happy new year to everybody from MikeD ... I wish you the best for this year and I am giving a little gift  ... take the Briefcase for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males and Females for free (was given as freebie in DAZ in Christmas 2019).

  • After a long period of reprogramming the site ... we are back ... My site was reconstructed for almost a month (mid August - mid September) and now it is back on line ... The main structure of the site is almost the same, and some new features have been added, like this 'news' section. I will try to update the site frequently as once per week, as long as I have the free time. I have in my mind some tutorials for 3D content and later on (when DAZ Studio 5.0 will be released) I will focus on DS 5. For now I am giving as a welcome back…

  • (Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Making outfit's FBMs, FHMs and PBMs) (Difficulty: Easy, PAs, Content Creators) With this free script you can fire to 100% all favorites properties, one by one, in a selected figure in DAZ Studio and then bring them back to 0%. It is extremely useful for outfit creators. You can set some favorite characters, heads, or partial morphs into a Genesis figure from the actor menu. Then use this script to fire all these selected favorites so the outfit can generate the necessary FBMs, FHMs or PBMs morphs. You can combine it with the Supported FBMs and PBMs free script!!!  

  • [modula id="1453"]   Get this lamp as a nice addition for your indoor or outdoor decoration for your Christmas scenes and not only. Merry Christmas from MikeD

  • Hi all... This is a series of tutorials about making FBMs, FHMs and PBMs for any outfit, in DAZ Studio. I am gonna show you my workflow, or at least some ways to make your work easier and faster. Of course there are a lot more ways to work, making all these morphs. This series is mainly address to DAZ's PAs of Content Creators. The tutorials have different levels of difficulty and it is suggested to watch them all of them starting from the top, even some of them are easy for your level.   1. Initialization: The next tutorial is the first one, about preparing the figure for the…


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