Delete Selected Bones

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Rigging) (Difficulty: Easy, PAs, Content Creators) Hello DAZ creators … I made this script to delete at once all the selected bones of a wearable rigged item or from a figure. With DAZ’s delete bone function we use to delete one bone at a time. No more… with this script you … Continue Reading

Color Information

(Category: General Use) (Difficulty: Easy to use, Common User) This free script will show you information about IBM (format in the JSON files), Hex and RGB values of a selected color in DAZ Studio. Run the script and select the color you want in the color widget or press SHIFT and click on the color … Continue Reading

A study in DAZ’s lights and distance for Iray (2020 – 2021)

How the distance from target object affects the light’s behavior in Iray? This article is written based on the need to test the behavior of the DAZ lights (Iray mode) for the creation of “Orbital lights” plug in. It is based on personal measures and it does not contain any official DAZ or Nvidia algorithms … Continue Reading

pJCM ERC-Keyed

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Rigging) (Difficulty: Advanced, PAs, Content Creators) Hi DAZers … With the “Set up custom pJCM ERC-Keyed morph” script you can set up instantly a pJCM or any morph you want for a custom rotation.   Instructions: 1 – Set the figure’s node custom rotation to the desired value (you can have … Continue Reading

Remove Underscore From Properties

(Category: Morphs) (Difficulty: Easy to use, PAs, Content Creators) When we create an item in DAZ Studio, many often we need to add some new properties.   When we create these properties, we usually name each property using underscore (_) for the words’ separation. Pressing tab, the name of each property also passes to the … Continue Reading

Bones Alignment

(Category: Rigging, Scripts, Content Creation) (Difficulty: Easy to use, PAs, Content Creators) This the V2.0 of the script that aligns the Origin or the End Point of a bone to the Xmax, Xmin, XCenter (the same for all other axis), or the center of the node. If you have any selected faces(edges/vertices in V 2.0) … Continue Reading

Make symmetrical JCMs for DAZ Studio using ZBrush

This tutorial is addressed to DAZ’s PA’s or other content creators for DAZ Studio and you have to know some basic things about making wearable s for DAZ’s figures to follow up! This is a tutorial for advance level! In this tutorial I am gonna show you how to make symmetrical pJCMs for DAZ Studio, … Continue Reading