Here you can find the ‘Lock Camera’ Script for DAZ 3D Studio. There are many times that you have accidentally change the angle of the active camera in a scene, believing that you were on perspective or some other camera view. Lock your camera position and unlock it, with a simple click on your mouse. Just select a camera in the scene and double click on the script. So simple.

Happy renders from MikeD

Loading instructions:
1. Download the .zip file from this site
2. Unzip it to a content library folder
3. Go to that folder inside DAZ Studio and your script is there.
4. (optional) Right click the script file and choose ‘Create Custom Action’. In that way the file will be always under the ‘Scripts’ menu for easy access.

How to use it:
1. Select a camera in the scene.
2. Double click on the script file.

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