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DAZ SKU: 89404
Compatible Figures:
Required Products: N/A
Compatible Software: 4.22
Release Date: March 17, 2023


Lights Console Suite includes 39 scripts that add functionality to any Elgato Stream Deck device or any other console you own with programmable keys. You can also use the suite as standalone applications even without any of the above devices to organize the lights main functions into a toolbar for easy access. For the best experience, it is recommended that you use it with an external device. The package also includes 2 profile files for interaction with Elgato Stream Deck classic (15 keys) and/or Elgato Stream Deck Plus devices!

The first script of the package adds/removes the other scripts of the product into/from the menu and into/from a toolbar for easy access.

There are five groups of scripts controlling the Intensity, Height, Width, Spread Angle and Temperature of the selected light. Each group contains four scripts to increase, decrease, show the current value and set the default value for each one of the previous properties.

Three scripts are programmed to show the current geometry of the selected light and set the next or the previous geometry.

Another script can lock or unlock the selected light’s movement in the scene. Extremely helpful when you don’t want to accidentally relocate the light.

The next script circularly selects all the visible scene lights in the active viewport current camera selection.

A pair of scripts can show the render emitter property’s current value and toggle this value on or off.

The luminous flux property is controlled by six scripts. One of these scripts shows the current value, another one sets the default value and the remaining four increase or decrease the value of luminous flux. Two of them change the current value by 1.25 (default step) times up or down for small adjustments and the other two change the current value by 10 (default step) times up or down.

The next four scripts mimic the Orbital Lights plugin movement function and rotate the selected light horizontally or vertically around a selected node in the scene or spin the light horizontally or vertically, around its own axis, if no node has been selected. Two of these scripts control the horizontal rotation (CW and CCW) and the other two control the vertical (up or down).

The last script is used to adjust the settings for some of the above scripts, in order to meet your own needs.

The suite also includes a detailed manual describing the function of each script, to help you achieve the optimal use of your lights and create outstanding renders!

Watch the next video to see how to use this suite with the Elgato Stream Deck Classic device:

Watch the next video to see how to use this suite with the Elgato Stream Deck Plus device:


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You can find my products exclusively in DAZ-3D in my store page MikeD