Export Follower for each Favorite

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Making outfit’s FBMs, FHMs and PBMs) (Difficulty: Advanced, PAs, Content Creators) With this free script you can fire each favorite property on a figure, one by one, in DAZ Studio and then export the follower to the HD. It is extremely useful for outfit creators. You can set some favorite characters, … Continue Reading

Happy new 2022

Happy new year to everybody from MikeD … I wish you the best for this year and I am giving a little gift  … take the Briefcase for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Males and Females for free (was given as freebie in DAZ in Christmas 2019).

Fire Favorites

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Making outfit’s FBMs, FHMs and PBMs) (Difficulty: Easy, PAs, Content Creators) With this free script you can fire to 100% all favorites properties, one by one, in a selected figure in DAZ Studio and then bring them back to 0%. It is extremely useful for outfit creators. You can set some … Continue Reading

MD Candle Lamp

Get this lamp as a nice addition for your indoor or outdoor decoration for your Christmas scenes and not only. Merry Christmas from MikeD

Supported FBMs and PBMs

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Making outfit’s FBMs, FHMs and PBMs) (Difficulty: Easy, PAs, Content Creators) Are you a content creator and you are making any kind of outfits? Did you ever take a piece of outfit back for correction, from the QA, because you had forgotten to support a figure (FBM, FHM or PBM)? Do … Continue Reading

We are back

After a long period of reprogramming the site … we are back … My site was reconstructed for almost a month (mid August – mid September) and now it is back on line … The main structure of the site is almost the same, and some new features have been added, like this ‘news’ section. … Continue Reading

MD Table Clock

Get this table clock as a nice addition for your furniture decoration or even for the top of your fireplace. The clock includes a script in order to set the time in a very convenient way, with the possibility to set your current time with a single button, to the selected or to all table … Continue Reading

MD Briefcase for Genesis 8

Finally, the perfect attache for your character — MD Briefcase for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s) is a leather briefcase that opens to a full interior, with additional movements, poses, and vintage and classic material options! Perfect for your business character, office scene, or hard-working character everywhere. Merry Christmas from MikeD!

Chest of drawers

Only for a few days. My last year (2017) freebie ‘Chest of drawers’ in DAZ studio format and .obj files. A Chest of drawers to fill your rooms. 126x56x82 cm aprox. All drawers can open/close. Use it for your Iray or 3Delight scenes. Merry Chrismas from MikeD! Attention! This product was given freely from DAZ3D … Continue Reading

Delete Selected Bones

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Rigging) (Difficulty: Easy, PAs, Content Creators) Hello DAZ creators … I made this script to delete at once all the selected bones of a wearable rigged item or from a figure. With DAZ’s delete bone function we use to delete one bone at a time. No more… with this script you … Continue Reading

Color Information

(Category: General Use) (Difficulty: Easy to use, Common User) This free script will show you information about IBM (format in the JSON files), Hex and RGB values of a selected color in DAZ Studio. Run the script and select the color you want in the color widget or press SHIFT and click on the color … Continue Reading

pJCM ERC-Keyed

(Category: Scripts, Content Creation, Rigging) (Difficulty: Advanced, PAs, Content Creators) Hi DAZers … With the “Set up custom pJCM ERC-Keyed morph” script you can set up instantly a pJCM or any morph you want for a custom rotation.   Instructions: 1 – Set the figure’s node custom rotation to the desired value (you can have … Continue Reading

Remove Underscore From Properties

(Category: Morphs) (Difficulty: Easy to use, PAs, Content Creators) When we create an item in DAZ Studio, many often we need to add some new properties.   When we create these properties, we usually name each property using underscore (_) for the words’ separation. Pressing tab, the name of each property also passes to the … Continue Reading

Daz Studio Lock Camera

(Category: Scene) Here you can find the ‘Lock Camera’ Script for DAZ 3D Studio. There are many times that you have accidentally change the angle of the active camera in a scene, believing that you were on perspective or some other camera view. Lock your camera position and unlock it, with a simple click on … Continue Reading

Landscape Greece

Landscape Greece Here is my collection of Landscape images from Greece, free for use (at the current resolution)! Greece has many great advantages for photography! A sun that is shiny the most part of the year. Vivid blue sea and sky. Many cultural sites to visit and shoot. Μountainous and marine landscapes. Agricultural life. Magical … Continue Reading

Landscape Germany

Landscape Germany Here are the collections of my Landscape images from Germany, free for use (at the current resolution)! I visited Nuremberg and the whole area around the city. The great amount of humidity makes the plants grow so the landscape has a vivid green color. The sky was cloudy, for all the time of … Continue Reading